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The official website of
Artesian Well Advocates
Our Mission
          to preserve and protect free community access to Olympia's historic artesian water

Our Goals
          keep the water flowing and accessible to all
          work with the City to ensure long-term access
          collect and collate comments from well-users
          build and maintain an information resource about the well
          build on what we have to make Olympia known for its unique and useful artesian wells

As of January, 2016...

The Artesian Leadership Committee resumed meetings in January. The main order of business for the January meeting was an assessment of what worked and what didn't during the past year. A report on this is available on the City's website.

Since the most recent survey of well users was conducted in August of 2010, before the creation of the Artesian Commons, the suggestion has been made by a couple of people that another survey might be in order. We hope that a new survey will be carried out, and that it will include the same questions we asked in 2010, for comparison purposes. However, it seems that some new questions would also be useful in assessing the impact of the Commons on those who come to the well just to collect water.

What new questions should be asked? Please Please email us with your suggestions!

We will do our best to update this site at least once a month, so keep checking back.

There is strength in numbers. Make your voice heard!

We need people to help with all aspects of our mission, but especially:
          keeping this website up to date
          monitoring our email
          working with business owners to daylight some of the few remaining
                    artesian wells in the city
          collecting and compiling feedback from well users,
                    and presenting these to the city on a monthly basis
          lobbying the City Council

Please email us
your suggestions
or offers of assistance!

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